ImPACT Version 4

Administration and Interpretation Manual

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Instructions for Starting a New Test or Reviewing Test Records from the Customer Center

ImPACT Customer Center Login Screen#

Enter the Username (Email) and Password that was provided to you by ImPACT Applications, Inc. Your Username and Password should be kept secure at all times and should NOT be shared with test takers as this would allow them to have access to other test takers’ records.

Start New Test: #

Selecting “Start New Test” proceeds to the next screen for test-type selection.

First time test takers: Select the organization with which to associate this test by choosing it from the organization drop-down.

Previously tested individuals: Type the first few characters of their last name. Matches will be displayed in a drop-down list. Select the appropriate individual from the list.

Select the type of test:#

For pre-injury evaluations, select the “Baseline” test option. Following injury or when a concussion is suspected, select one of the “Post-injury” test options.

Basic Test Instructions:#

Ensure all technical requirements are fulfilled and the environment is quiet and free of distractions (see Technical Requirements and Test Environment sections of the manual for more information).

Once you select the test type, a new browser window will open, and it will begin the administration of the test battery.

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