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Use the questions below to guide you through any purchase decision involving medical tools:

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1. Can your concussion assessment tools be delivered and administered remotely?

ImPACT baseline and post-injury* testing can be assigned online to test takers and
completed remotely.

*For supervised administration by a qualified healthcare provider

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2. Does this solution offer any reimbursement opportunities?

In the U.S., ImPACT Applications’ concussion care tools are typically eligible for
reimbursement by using CPT Billing Codes.

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3. Can I afford the solution?

ImPACT Applications’ concussion care tools are affordably priced to accommodate
different types of organizations.

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4. How do I get support for the solution?

ImPACT Applications’ support is available through telephone and email.

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5. Is there a network of trained healthcare providers who can use the solution?

Everyone has easy access to the online Concussion Care Providers network to find
healthcare professionals trained to use ImPACT Applications' tools.

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6. Does the solution comply with regulations?

ImPACT Applications’ concussion assessment tools are considered medical devices and received clearance from the FDA, Health Canada, Australian TGA, and other regulatory agencies.

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7. Will my data be safely processed and stored?

All data is processed in accordance with privacy and cybersecurity requirements,
standards and industry best practices, and in compliance with regulations such as

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8. What research supports the solution?

ImPACT Applications’ tools are supported by hundreds of independent studies and
extensive research.

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ImPACT Applications’ tools comply with international medical device Standards and Regulations, including FDA clearance and CE Marking.

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Impact Applications Suite Concussion Management

Join other care providers
and serve concussion care
needs in your community.

ImPACT Applications' tools set the standard for our concussion management programs."

Dr. Rebecca Garfinkle, Pediatrician

ImPACT Applications has been a game changer in our profession. While there are other tools out there, ImPACT Applications makes it so much easier to use reliable and research-supported clinical tools.”

Brian Roberts, ATC

ImPACT is a cost effective, time efficient, and sensitive means to evaluate cognitive function as well as to give information on the progress of the recovery.”

Dr. Jeffrey Anthony, DO

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