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It's not about us

It's about providing reliable concussion care tools,
training, and resources to those who can make a
difference. People like you.


It’s about collaboration and
commitment to best in class
concussion care.

An extensive network of trained healthcare providers use ImPACT Applications' concussion care tools to make reliable clinical decisions.

99% Customers Satisfied*

*Based on results of an ongoing customer support survey.

It's about a story to be proud of

We provide best-in-class support, data protection, and training because that’s what our customers and their patients deserve.


Since 2002, our clinical tools have been providing reliable and objective data to thousands of healthcare providers and sports teams around the world.

It’s about having the right people.

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In 2002, ImPACT Applications was born
to improve concussion management
practices worldwide. Now, we’ve grown
into an ecosystem of concussion care,
tools, training, and resources.



We care about our loved ones and
communities: donating tests and
volunteering to causes that resonate with
us. Our global products and resources are
changing concussion care practices at
every level.



From a professional athlete to a 5 year-old
playing their first soccer game, we
help care providers worldwide deliver best in class concussion care.
Our customers refer to our suite of tools,
training, and resources as Concussion
Management Defined.

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Ready to join the growing network of leaders in concussion management?

Still not sure where
you fit in?

Everyone plays an important part in concussion care. Email your advisor Hannah to understand your role and how you can help.

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