The Evolution of Concussion Care Technology

Thanks to the increased amount of research and access to educational materials, healthcare providers now have objective ways to assess and treat concussions. Discover how this has allowed ImPACT Applications to lead the charge with advancements in concussion care technology and plans for the future.

Industry Changes for Concussion Care

Over the past 10 years, a few changes have occurred that have made it possible for ImPACT Applications to innovate with technology. This includes a better understanding of concussions and tailored ways to provide treatment. Healthcare providers have access to studies that support the use of computer-based neurocognitive assessments when conducting clinical evaluations.


There is a growing demand for the use of baseline testing with other evaluative tools such as collecting a patient’s medical history, conducting Vestibular-Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS), and Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) reporting to determine a patient’s clinical trajectory.


These advancements, not only in the methodology of using objective medical devices but also in who’s doing the assessments have improved care for all. Several years ago, it was primarily physicians such as Ph.D. neuropsychologists and sports medicine doctors treating brain injury. Now, multidisciplinary teams, including Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists, offer patients comprehensive concussion care when making rehabilitation and return to life decisions.

FDA Cleared At-Home Baseline Testing

As medical devices have changed, regulators have looked at ways to increase access to healthcare, cost concerns, and the demand from patients for quick and easy care. ImPACT Applications has been successful in moving its medical devices along this track to contribute to the advancements in concussion assessment and treatment.


In the past, ImPACT baseline testing could only be conducted in a group setting or controlled environment. This posed a great challenge to school districts, state programs, and large community groups that lacked the infrastructure. To change this, ImPACT Applications reviewed adjacent industries to understand how to make baseline testing more accessible.


In 2018, the FDA, Health Canada, and other regulatory bodies cleared ImPACT baseline testing for at-home use. Now, healthcare providers and school test administrators can strengthen their concussion protocols by making testing accessible for all.

ImPACT Post-Injury Testing via Telemedicine

As the healthcare environment shifted to telemedicine and patients required remote concussion care, ImPACT Applications looked to meet this need and help providers continue to care for patients. The solution was ImPACT post-injury testing via telemedicine. Now, healthcare providers can continue to offer concussion care that’s more accessible for patients.

Free 'Digital Wallet' Concussion Care App

Concussion care was once a black box. Patients could not get any kind of concussion care unless they were directly connected to a healthcare provider. This made the concussion treatment ecosystem difficult to navigate, especially when it came to sharing patient information with other clinicians.


Identifying this gap, ImPACT Applications created ImPACT Passport. Via this app, patients can store their ImPACT Passport ID, find a healthcare provider, and report symptoms. Instead of waiting for patient data transfers, healthcare providers who use ImPACT, ImPACT Pediatric, or ImPACT Quick Test can instantly access clinical reports using the ImPACT Passport ID lookup feature in the Customer Center.

Online Credential Programs for the Medical Community

ImPACT Applications' training model is completely digital. Video on demand (VOD) is the primary offering for the medical community as well as various credential programs. Credential programs are tailored for specific members of the concussion care team and contain CE eligible courses that discuss best practices in concussion care.


Practice managers, billing, and reimbursement specialists can take these free ImPACT Applications' courses that cover billing and coding for concussion, onboarding, and how to navigate the ImPACT Applications Customer Center.


Consumers can receive education about concussion, get access to concussion care, and understand how baseline testing works via the ImPACT baseline learning center. For at-home users, Alexa skill Flash Briefings and free concussion pocket guides are easily accessible and downloadable on Amazon.


Creating access to this information was a priority due to the growing amount of misinformation about head injuries and concussion prevention products. The FDA also recognized an influx of device companies making unqualified claims about assessing, diagnosing, and managing head injuries. To notify the public, the FDA released a safety communication that warns against the use of medical devices that are not cleared or approved by the FDA.

ImPACT Applications’ Focus for the Future

Changes in medical devices, regulation, technology, patient demands, and cost measures have influenced the healthcare industry for the better. ImPACT Applications continues looking for ways to improve accessibility to concussion care and optimize remote administration of our concussion assessment tools. With these technological advancements, ImPACT Applications strives to bring concussion care to patients worldwide.