ImPACT Version 4

Administration and Interpretation Manual

[Download PDF Version of the Manual]

General Guidelines for Test Administration

Test directions for ImPACT Version 4 are embedded within the test battery making the test easy to administer. Nevertheless, to help with the understanding of the administration process, the following section provides general guidelines as well as specific instructions for administering the test battery. It is important that examiners become familiar with the instructions in this section in order to maintain standard procedure and yield valid interpretation.

It should be noted that these general guidelines, as well as test taking conditions described above, apply whether the test is administered in a directly supervised setting or remotely.

Providers are offered free and fee-based online content at to enhance their knowledge and skills interpreting ImPACT Version 4 test results. Additionally, test takers performing a remote baseline test are provided with a brief video and a set of instructions outlining proper test taking environment.

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