PRIVIT Partners with ImPACT Applications to Offer ImPACT in Canada

PRIVIT, a software company that specializes in the secure collection and management of health information, now offers concussion care tools and training to their customers. Thanks to partnering with ImPACT Applications, the world’s leading software company for concussion management, PRIVIT provides ImPACT baseline and post-injury testing along with concussion care training to healthcare providers in Canada to ensure best in class concussion care to their patients, including student-athletes.

“We are very pleased and excited to announce our agreement with the world leader in neurocognitive testing. This partnership allows PRIVIT to offer validated baseline and follow-up concussion assessment testing for our customers while allowing them to streamline and reduce their workload when meeting their medical eligibility requirements.” – Russell Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer of PRIVIT.

“ImPACT Applications is excited to partner with a thought leader in student-athlete health information industry who recognizes access to proper information is both a safety and liability issue for organizations,” said Chief Executive Officer Michael Wahlster. “The partnership with PRIVIT extends our reach and enables us to offer best-in-class tools essential to identifying and managing concussions.”


PRIVIT is a compliant, secure, no-hassle technology for collecting, storing and managing student-athlete health information. We help organizations to monitor and manage athlete health information to promote athlete safety. PRIVIT saves organizations time, ensures compliance with reporting and provides easy, secure access to comprehensive, accurate information to promote responsible sports.

About ImPACT Applications

ImPACT Applications, Inc. is the maker of ImPACT®, ImPACT Pediatric®, and ImPACT Quick Test®, all FDA cleared Class I & II medical devices that assist in the screening, assessment, and management of concussion. ImPACT Applications also offers the FDA cleared ImPACT Baseline Test to home-based users worldwide.
ImPACT Applications products are used by most major medical centers, professional sports leagues and teams, colleges, high schools, and select military units. Since 2002, ImPACT Applications has administered more than 17 million tests to over 11 million users.

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