Aptiva Health launches a new concussion clinic to increase accessibility of care in rural Kentucky

Early access to care is critical for successful concussion recovery. However, patients in rural areas may not have access to specialized concussion care nearby. Recognizing this gap in care, Aptiva Health created a plan to increase access to concussion care in underserved areas of Kentucky both in-office and through telehealth appointments.

Aptiva Health took a historical step towards accomplishing this goal by launching the Concussion & Sports Medicine Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. As a comprehensive, state-of-the-art concussion care clinic, it offers same-day appointments and telemedicine or in-person visits. Patients can get immediate access to care no matter where they are. The clinic will utilize FDA-cleared ImPACT baseline and post-injury testing to monitor patients’ progress and help guide treatment and rehab.

“All patients should have access to excellent care regardless of where they live,” said Tyler Morrison, General Manager of ImPACT Applications. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Aptiva Health to bring world-class concussion management tools closer to rural Kentucky. Their work in the local community is inspiring and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

The Concussion & Sports Medicine Institute employs a team of multidisciplinary concussion care specialists, creating a seamless patient experience from concussion evaluation to treatment and rehab. Team members have completed ImPACT Applications credential programs and are well-equipped to offer tailored concussion treatment plans.

“One of our main goals with our new Institute is to bring cutting edge concussion testing and treatment at an affordable price, to patients throughout Kentucky,” said Eric Lowe, CEO of Aptiva Health. “Since inception, our foundation has been built on bringing innovation to patient care. Through our partnership with ImPACT, we are thrilled to be able to bring this dream to fruition for concussion care in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

In addition to providing comprehensive concussion care and rehab, the clinic is working on a community outreach program that will offer 1000+ significantly discounted ImPACT baseline tests to underserved groups in their local community including first responders, active military, veterans, and student athletes.

About ImPACT Applications:

ImPACT Applications Inc., a Riverside Insights® solution, is the maker of ImPACT®, ImPACT Pediatric®, and ImPACT Quick Test®, all FDA cleared, Class II medical devices that assist in the screening, assessment, and management of concussion as well as Cognitive Impairment Screener™ (CIS) that helps identify individuals who need further assessment for neurocognitive deficits and mental illnesses. ImPACT Applications also offers FDA cleared ImPACT Baseline Test to home-based users. ImPACT Applications products are used by most major medical centers, professional sports leagues and teams, colleges, high schools, and select military units. Since 2002, ImPACT Applications has administered more than 20 million tests to over 13 million test takers. Learn more at https://impacttest.com/.

About Aptiva Health:

Aptiva Health is an independent multi-specialty medical group with multiple locations throughout Kentucky. The group is founded upon the core values of transparency, fairness, and innovation. To this end, Aptiva Health provides patients the opportunity to see a multitude of medical specialists and receive cutting-edge treatments, all under one roof. Their services include: urgent injury care, general orthopedics, orthopedic spine surgery, sports medicine, physical medicine & rehabilitation, pain management, concussion testing and treatment, advanced imaging (MRI and digital x-ray), EMG/NVC testing, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, physical therapy, athletic training, massage therapy, and much more! Learn more at https://www.aptivahealth.com/.

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