ImPACT Applications introduces new concussion management mobile apps

ImPACT® expands mobile products to assist in concussion management anywhere, any time

PITTSBURGH, PA — ImPACT Applications, Inc., developers of the ImPACT Test and ImPACT Concussion Management Model, today introduced PCSI™ (Post-Concussion Symptom Inventory), Sideline ImPACT® and a new Mobile ImPACT Customer Center (MICC). These new mobile applications can be used at the site of a potential injury as part of a comprehensive concussion management program.

“We continue to create a full continuum of clinical tools for the evaluation of brain function that have undergone rigorous scientific validation and are easy to use and interpret,” said Dr. Mark Lovell, chief scientific officer and chairman of ImPACT. “While not designed to function as diagnostic tests, our latest apps extend the science behind ImPACT directly to the playing field to help collect, record, access and measure cognitive data as part of an overall concussion management protocol.”

All of ImPACT’s mobile apps are available in the Apple App Store for $9.99 each.

PCSI (Post-Concussion Symptom Inventory)
Previously available only within the ImPACT Test, PCSI is now available in a free-standing version as a mobile app. It was created by the clinical experts who founded ImPACT and has been adopted around the globe to objectively measure symptoms commonly reported by athletes suspected of having a concussion. While not meant to function as a diagnostic test, PCSI does provide the means to measure symptom severity from prior to injury (baseline), after injury (post-injury) and back to baseline.

“Return to play decisions should never be based exclusively on the athlete’s report of symptoms and should always be made by a qualified health care provider. If the athlete completing the PCSI has experienced any symptoms of concussion, an evaluation should always be conducted by a qualified health care professional,” notes Lovell.

Sideline ImPACT
Sideline ImPACT is a brief cognitive screening test designed to help identify signs and symptoms of concussion via the convenience of a mobile app for immediate administration when the suspected injury occurs.

The test can be completed in less than five minutes and measures concentration, short term memory, and orientation. Sideline ImPACT also documents potential markers of concussion. While Sideline ImPACT is not a diagnostic test to make return to play decisions, it does capture important information that can assist in ongoing management and care of the suspected injury.

Mobile ImPACT Customer Center
With the newly updated Mobile ImPACT Customer Center app, ImPACT customers can access the ImPACT Customer Center account from any iOS device. The app enables current ImPACT customers to generate real-time clinical, injury, sideline and organizational reports, retrieve data, perform account maintenance and access many tools found in desktop version of the ImPACT Customer Center. Through use of the built-in ImPACT Sideline app, customers can perform on-the-spot, enhanced injury assessment and data collection. The Mobile ImPACT Customer Center cannot be used to administer the ImPACT Test.

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