ImPACT Applications Introduces new certification program for athletic trainers

ImPACT Trained Athletic Trainer (ITAT) program provides advanced training and leadership opportunities

LAS VEGAS, NV —  ImPACT Applications, Inc. introduced the IMPACT Trained Athletic Trainers (ITAT) program today at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) 2013 Clinical Symposium and Convention.  The ITAT Program presents athletic trainers a new opportunity to become leaders in ImPACT Test administration and concussion management.  NATA has announced that the ITAT program is now part of NATA’s Preferred Provider program.

“Now athletic trainers can become the go-to resource in their communities for ImPACT test administration and leading-edge concussion education and awareness through the ITAT program,” said Dr. Mark Lovell, chief scientific officer and chairman of ImPACT. “The ITAT program enables athletic trainers to be recognized as leaders by serving as an ImPACT administrator to athletes, schools, youth club organizations, sports teams and doctors in their communities who are in need of this resource.”

While athletic trainers are already highly experienced across the range of athletic injuries – including concussion – ITAT certification provides additional training that includes the latest concussion management research and treatment options available, as well as the use of ImPACT software.

All Certified Athletic Trainers and Licensed Athletic Trainers may apply to participate and will receive continuing education credit for courses completed. NATA members receive course registration discounts.

“Concussion directly altered my life and my career as a professional athlete and I applaud the partnership between ImPACT and NATA in launching the ITAT program,” said Merrill Hoge, former Pittsburgh Steeler, current ESPN analyst and keynote speaker at NATA’s 2013 Convention. “Athletic trainers play a significant role in the care and treatment of athletes after concussion and ImPACT has become the ‘gold standard’ for neurocognitive assessment. The partnership of these two major organizations promises to improve concussion management for athletes at all levels.”

Completing ITAT enables athletic trainers to team with Credentialed ImPACT Consultants and members of ImPACT’s clinical network (currently almost 1,500 clinics total worldwide) who are looking for athletic training assistance. ITATs serve an important role in ImPACT’s Concussion Management Model by administering ImPACT testing, as well as offering concussion management education and awareness.

ITAT participants become part of ImPACT’s national network of ImPACT specialists and will gain business referrals via ImPACT partner initiatives, including the Wells Fargo Play it Safe Concussion CareSM Program.

The Play it Safe Program combines the best practices of ImPACT’s Concussion Management Model with a financial safety net to ensure young athletes receive appropriate medical care so they can return to play safely.

At its 2013 Convention, NATA also cited the Play it Safe Program as an opportunity to deliver tangible, practical solutions for potentially hundreds of thousands of athletes and their families in need of leading-edge concussion care, with the added insurance benefit that the Program provides.

Athletic trainers who are interested in applying to participate in the ITAT program can learn more here or contact ImPACT at 1-877-646-7991.

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