ImPACT Applications and HeadSmart Concussion Programme Partner to Expand Concussion Management in Australia and South Africa

ImPACT Applications, Inc., the leading provider of concussion assessment tools cleared by TGA, FDA, Health Canada, and other regulatory agencies worldwide, announced a new collaboration with HeadSmart™, the leading distributor of online concussion testing in Australia and South Africa. This partnership makes ImPACT Applications’ tools available to athletes at all levels in Australia and South Africa through the HeadSmart Concussion Programme.

ImPACT Applications is excited to offer its best-in-class products and services to a wider population in Australia and South Africa,” said Michael Wahlster, Chief Executive Officer of ImPACT Applications. “The collaboration with HeadSmart will extend our reach significantly and enable us to supply healthcare providers in both countries with the validated tools and world-class support and training needed to identify and manage concussions.

ImPACT Applications offers ImPACT neurocognitive baseline and post-injury testing that student-athletes can obtain through the HeadSmart Concussion Programme. This helps schools and sports clubs strengthen their concussion protocols while promoting player safety. Healthcare providers can also leverage ImPACT clinical reports and other patient data to make objective treatment decisions.

This partnership with ImPACT Applications provides access to proven tools that bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers,” said Dr. Ryan Kohler, Managing Director of HeadSmart and Specialist Sports Physician. “It was the right step to take in ensuring student-athletes at all levels receive the gold standard in neurocognitive concussion testing.

Learn more about ImPACT Applications’ tools and training courses here

About ImPACT Applications

ImPACT Applications, Inc. is the maker of ImPACT®, ImPACT Pediatric®, and ImPACT Quick Test®, medical devices that assist in the screening, assessment, and management of concussion. In addition, ImPACT Applications provides tools, training, and credentialing programs to healthcare providers worldwide.

ImPACT Applications products are used by thousands of major medical centers, professional sports leagues and teams, colleges, high schools, and select military units around the globe.

About HeadSmart Sports Concussion Programme

The HeadSmart Sports Concussion Programme offers an end-to-end sports concussion solution for grassroots schools and clubs to the same standard as professional teams. The HeadSmart Sports Concussion Programme is the point of entry to a network of medical practitioners who can manage sports concussion.

With their Ready Recognise Refer approach, they supply a packaged online educational webinar, approved baseline computerized screening, post-concussion assessments, and the on-site FirstResponder™ head injury App. HeadSmart is a front-end fit to compliance with national sporting organizations’ concussion protocols, promoting athlete and player safety as directed by the doctor.

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