World’s Most Widely-Used Concussion Test Now Available At Home

Once available to only pros, now available to the public at home – from ImPACT Applications, Inc.

ImPACT Applications, Inc., developer of ImPACT®, today announced that its ImPACT Baseline Test will be available to users worldwide for use at home.

“We received clearance by the FDA and other regulatory bodies in addition to completing extensive research in order to offer the baseline test to the home-based user,” said Michael Wahlster, Chief Executive Officer of ImPACT Applications. “A global network of thousands of ImPACT trained healthcare providers paired with the convenience of ImPACT Passport provides an accessible, research-backed, and affordable solution to consumers all over the world who want to be proactive about concussion.”

The ImPACT Baseline Test is available at It can be completed in about 20 minutes and costs US$20.  Once the baseline test is completed, users can download ImPACT Passport for free on iOS or Android, store their ImPACT Passport ID, find a trained healthcare provider, grant access to their scores, and record symptoms as often as they like.

About ImPACT Applications

ImPACT Applications, Inc. is the maker of ImPACT®, ImPACT Pediatric®, and ImPACT Quick Test®, medical devices that assist in the screening, assessment, and management of concussion.  With thousands of ImPACT trained healthcare providers worldwide, ImPACT Applications products are used by most major medical centers, professional sports leagues and teams, colleges, high schools, select military units. Since 2002, ImPACT has been administered more than 16 million times to over 10 million users.

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