ImPACT Version 4

Administration and Interpretation Manual

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ImPACT Clinical Report

The ImPACT Version 4 Clinical Report provides the healthcare professional with valuable information. The report allows for tracking recovery following an injury by using a side-by-side comparison of multiple assessments and baseline scores. Practitioners can administer the test multiple times over a short period of time to evaluate changes in symptoms and cognitive status across a number of different neurocognitive domains. New to the report for ImPACT Version 4 is the ability to select and print Two-Factor Score in addition to the Composite Scores depending on how you would prefer to interpret the summary data. An example is provided below.

As with prior versions of ImPACT, the report for ImPACT Version 4 provides detailed information about the individual’s performance on a specified series of tasks administered in a standard fashion. The data are automatically scored, and each test taker’s performance is compared with his or her own age group and for the input device (mouse versus trackpad) by the software. The report saves practitioners time and eliminates the possibility of human error when deriving test scores. Furthermore, the report can be accessed easily through ImPACT Applications’ Customer Center and shared with appropriate personnel through secure email.

Interpreting the ImPACT Version 4 Clinical Report#

ImPACT Version 4 is a neurocognitive test battery that provides much information about the extent of individual’s injury and their progress toward recovery from that injury. Recovery from concussion cannot be accurately tracked through the evaluation of overly simplistic reaction time tests or through tests that are not structured to detect subtle memory dysfunction. The tracking of recovery following injury requires the analysis of test performance across a variety of different neurocognitive domains. The ImPACT Version 4 Clinical Report is designed to provide information concerning the individual’s current neurocognitive functioning and his or her medical and developmental history.

ImPACT Clinical Report Sections#

Page 1: Demographic Information

  • Background Information and Native Language
  • Education and Special Needs
  • Concussion and Sport Background
  • Relevant Medical Information

Page 2: ImPACT Composite Scores

  • Verbal Memory Composite, Visual Memory Composite, Visual Motor Speed Composite, Reaction Time Composite, Impulse Control Composite, Total Symptom Score, Two-Factor Scores

Page 3: Test Battery Modules

  • Word Memory, Design Memory, X’s and O’s, Symbol Match, Color Match, Three Letters

Page 4: Post-Concussion Symptom Scale

  • Individual Symptom Scores

Page 5: Graphic Representation of Composite Scores and Symptoms

  • Graphs depicting: Verbal Memory, Visual Memory, Visual Motor Speed, and Reaction Time Composite Scores, Total Symptom Score

Background information and native language#

All of the information regarding date of birth, age, and pertinent physical information should be entered. In addition, the individual always should be questioned about his or her fluency in other languages because this may affect test results.

Education, special needs#

Years completed may be recorded along with any history of learning disabilities (LD) or ADD/ADHD, or any other defined special education diagnosis, whether individual was enrolled in special education classes. Please note if he/she attended any special education classes even if they are not currently enrolled.

Sport and concussion background#

The test taker may record the sport they are currently playing or planning to play in the near future. This part of the report allows for the careful tracking of injury and recovery, and documents important markers of injury severity and concussion severity.

Other background information that may affect the outcome of the clinical report#

Certain pre-existing medical problems may affect recovery from concussion and should be recorded.

Exam type, date tested, last concussion, and exam language#

This section should be referenced to determine if a baseline test is available for comparison, including the date of the post-injury test relative to the date of concussion. In the event multiple post-injury tests are available, the scores in the following section should be examined for change in performance and reported symptoms. To ensure the most accurate results, it should be determined whether the exam was administered in the test taker’s preferred spoken language.

Exam Type Baseline Post-Injury 1
Age When Tested 19 20
Date Tested 04/09/2019 08/10/2020
Concussion Date 08/10/2020
Exam Language English English
Test Version 3.8.0 4.0.0
Pointing Device Mouse Trackpad

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