ImPACT Version 4

Administration and Interpretation Manual

[Download PDF Version of the Manual]

The Composite Indices

Composite scores#

This section provides information on each of the composites calculated from the individual test modules. When interpreting change in scores from baseline to post-injury, look for scores in bold RED type, indicating that this score exceeds the RCI when compared to the baseline score. Percentile scores, if available, are listed in small type.

Hours slept and medication#

This section indicates whether the individual is experiencing a sleep disturbance and if they are currently taking medication that may affect their recovery from the concussion.

Test modules#

This section provides the details of the individual’s performance on each of the six test modules. Included here are the multiple calculations made on each module. The typical interpretive strategy compares the individual’s post-test performance to their baseline performance and looks for significant change that is indicated in Red. Performance on the individual modules should be considered only after evaluating the individual’s performance on the composites.

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