Your patients’
wellness is in your hands

Injured patients are put back into activity all
the time. It’s your duty to make the right call,
at the right time.

You don't want to come across as incompetent or
even worse, potentially be served with a lawsuit.

Find the right tools to back your decisions
and get peace of mind.

CONCUSSION PROTOCOL 101 GUIDE: What to do with potential concussions in your organization

Leverage your Urgent Care setting.

As an urgent care center, you're uniquely positioned to be a cost-effective alternative to emergency rooms for patients seeking concussion care.

Find a reliable screening tool to help you make removal from activity decisions.

ImPACT Quick Test is easy-to-use,
proven, and quick.

Impact Quick Test Description

Find an Athletic Trainer

ImPACT Trained Athletic Trainers (ITATs) serve as trained administrators of ImPACT Applications concussion care tools to schools, youth club organizations, sports teams, and healthcare providers. Find out why it's essential you have one.



Get the concussion
education you need

Join other thought leaders as a member of a multi-disciplinary concussion management team.

Still not sure where you fit in?

Hannah ImPACT Applications

Everyone plays an important part in concussion care. Email your advisor Hannah to understand your role and how you can help.

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