ImPACT Version 4

Administration and Interpretation Manual

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Content Development

ImPACT Version 4 is a computer-based neurocognitive testing platform created to measure aspects of attentional processes, immediate and delayed memory, visuo-spatial processes, impulse control, and visual motor speed in individuals ages 12 years 0 months to 80 years 11 months. As noted throughout this manual, ImPACT Version 4 is designed to serve as a neurocognitive test battery that complements other types of assessment (e.g., balance, visuo-spatial) and clinical information (behavioral, psychological, etc.) gathered as part of the comprehensive evaluation of an individual suspected of having a concussion. The content for the various modules was selected with these specific goals in mind:

  • The tasks have been shown in past research to be sensitive to the effects of a concussion.
  • The tasks had to be challenging and assess the major areas of neurocognition.
  • The tasks needed to provide an efficient means of assessing neurocognitive status.
  • The tasks must produce reliable results for individuals across age and time periods so that change metrics are interpretable.
  • The tasks had to be compatible with a laptop or desktop computer.
  • The test must allow individual and group administration.

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