When choosing a concussion care solution, be aware that your choice of a vendor may place you at a significant risk if you chose a product that is not cleared by the FDA and as such operating outside of the FDA safety guidance. Here is the list of FDA cleared products for assessing a head injury.

Pros of XLNTbrain:

  • Tests and symptoms reporting can be documented
  • Integrated balance testing
  • Sideline app

Cons of XLNTbrain:

  • No FDA clearance
  • “Virtual neurologist” may not be sufficient for making reliable return to activity decisions
  • Little supporting research on clinical utility, reliability, or validity
  • Limited data security measures

What is XLNTbrain?

What is XLNTBrain?

What is XLNTbrain?

(pronounced excellent brain) is an online concussion test for sports that aids healthcare providers in the identification and management of head injuries. This concussion testing software includes a concussion baseline test, sideline evaluation / balance test, post injury test, daily symptoms checklist, and a 5-step concussion recovery protocol. The results are displayed as a pentagon that visually demonstrates 6 domains: verbal, non-verbal, non-verbal memory, attention, emotional reactivity, and verbal memory.

There is little clinical evidence to support claims of accurate and reliable identification for the specific indication of concussion across a broad age range.

Is XLNTbrain FDA cleared?

XLNTbrain is not FDA cleared for assessing concussions. Here’s a list of FDA products cleared for assessing head injuries.


Before making any decisions, read through the Buyer’s Guide for 8 questions you should be asking before choosing a concussion assessment tool.