Sway Balance:
Pros and Cons

When choosing a concussion care solution, be aware that your choice of a vendor may place you at a significant risk if you chose a product that is not cleared by the FDA and as such operating outside of the FDA safety guidance.


  • Reliable balance test for vestibular issues
  • Integrated balance, symptoms, and reaction time measure


  • Body sway is not an established measurement for assessing concussions
  • Is not FDA cleared for assessing concussions
  • Limited to balance and simple cognitive testing
  • Not designed as an exclusive device to manage concussions
  • Limited clinical research

What is Sway Balance?


What is Sway Balance?

Sway Balance
is a mobile balance app created by Sway Medical. This postural balance and reaction time test is used by clinicians to identify balance deficits.

Is Sway Balance FDA cleared?

Sway Balance is not FDA cleared for assessing concussions. Rather, it is intended to be used to assess balance. Read the FDA safety guidance warning against the use of uncleared medical devices for concussion assessment.

What Alternatives are Available for Sway Balance?

In-depth neurocognitive assessment:

ImPACT is the gold standard for neurocognitive testing and concussion assessment.

  • FDA-cleared for assessing concussions
  • Used by a global network of providers
  • Backed by over 600 peer-reviewed research studies

Brief Sideline assessment:

ImPACT Quick Test is an FDA-cleared, 5-minute sideline assessment tool administered on an iPad immediately following a suspected head injury - no internet connection needed. After administering ImPACT Quick Test, you have the option to perform Vestibular-Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS) or Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) evaluations. When used together, these tools can help you make objective removal from activity decisions while on the sidelines or at the point of care.

Before making any decisions, read through the Buyer’s Guide for 8 questions you should be asking before choosing a concussion assessment tool.