Are you leaving your senior living facility exposed to liability?

Assisted living and other long-term care facilities have a duty to their residents to prevent injury, screen for medical conditions, and provide adequate medical care - failure to do so can result in legal liability.

Help mitigate potential risk by using tools that meet the standard of care for concussion management (ImPACT®) and cognitive impairment screening (CIS). Easily incorporate them into your existing risk management program for as little as $250, no specialized equipment required, and earn extra income by taking advantage of reimbursement using relevant billing codes.

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50-75% of nursing home residents fall every year. Many of these falls result in serious head injuries such as concussion. If a resident falls, it’s your duty of care to provide them with specialized and appropriate care. Failure to do so could result in legal liability - even if the head injury was not due to your own negligence.

Mitigate risk by adding FDA-cleared ImPACT, a 20-minute, online concussion assessment tool, to your fall prevention program.

Instantly access the Liability in Concussion Care 101 Guide for more information on how to protect your senior living facility from potential risk.

94% of physicians agree that it’s important to regularly screen all individuals 65+ for cognitive impairments. Without regular cognitive impairment screening, serious cognitive disorders such as dementia will go undiagnosed and therefore left untreated which could significantly impact these individuals’ quality of life.

Help protect your facility from risk of undiagnosed cognitive conditions by including Cognitive Impairment Screener (CIS)™, a 10-minute, online cognitive screening tool (for ages up to 80) in your risk management program.

Easily incorporate concussion management and cognitive impairment screening in your risk management program without disruption. ImPACT baseline testing and Cognitive Impairment Screener can be administered to new and existing residents (up to age 80) as part of pre-admission assessments and annual physical exams.

If a resident hits their head, they should be seen by a physician who's been specially-trained in concussion care to administer an ImPACT post-injury test and create a tailored treatment plan. Similarly, if results from the Cognitive Impairment Screener suggest a resident may be experiencing cognitive deficits, they should be referred to a physician for further evaluation who can diagnose the underlying medical condition and provide appropriate treatment.

Don’t leave your senior living facility vulnerable to liability. Add ImPACT and Cognitive Impairment Screener to your risk management program for as little as $250 - no specialized equipment required.