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At ImPACT Applications, Inc. our mission is to help reduce the risks associated with concussion. We do this by supporting people who care for and manage athletes and patients around the world. Our products, ImPACT, ImPACT Pediatric and ImPACT Quick Test, are all FDA-cleared medical devices.  

ImPACT Applications’ suite of concussion assessment tools assists you in the
management of concussion


ImPACT, an FDA cleared medical device, is used by healthcare, educational, and sports organizations to help assess and manage concussions.

Use ImPACT baseline testing to document the healthy brain function of your patients. If they suffer a head injury, use ImPACT post-injury testing to help you make concussion treatment decisions.


ImPACT Pediatric is used by healthcare providers to help assess and manage pediatric concussions (for ages 5-11).

Check for signs of concussion and impaired cognition in
children with the help of this iPad-based neurocognitive test.

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Concussion screening tool for removal from activity decisions. Administer ImPACT Quick Test, an FDA cleared iPad-based tool, following a suspected concussion.

Make confident removal from activity decisions with the help of this iPad-based concussion screening tool
(ages 12-70).

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Cognitive Impairment Screener™ (CIS) is a brief, computerized neuro-cog testing tool that helps you confidently identify individuals, ages 18-80, who need further assessment for neurocognitive deficits and mental illnesses.

Identify individuals who need further assessment for neurocognitive deficits with the help of this cognitive impairment screening tool (ages 18-80).

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