When choosing a concussion care solution, be aware that your choice of a vendor may place you at a significant risk if you chose a product that is not cleared by the FDA and as such operating outside of the FDA safety guidance. Here is the list of FDA cleared products for assessing a head injury.

Pros of King-Devick Test:

  • Quick administration
  • Integrated vision and balance measures (as separate products)

Cons of King-Devick Test:

What is King-Devick Test?

What is King Devick test?

What is King-Devick test?


King-Devick Test (commonly referred to as the KD test) is a number naming assessment, created by King-Devick Technologies, that measures eye movements, attention, and language in order to identify deficits.

Is King-Devick FDA cleared?

King-Devick Test is not FDA cleared for assessing concussions. Here’s a list of FDA products cleared for assessing head injuries.


Before making any decisions, read through the Buyer’s Guide for 8 questions you should be asking before choosing a concussion assessment tool.