Know when the
time is right

Premature return to activity poses negative
consequences for both you and your patient.

Mismanaged concussions affect recovery time and can result in bad outcomes. You don’t want to be the one making wrong return to activity decisions.

Growing patient demand for concussion treatment means you need tools to make reliable clinical decisions.

Your patients' progress is in
your hands.

Return To Activity Strategy

Need guidance on return to activity decisions?

Download this free ready-to-print Return to Activity Strategy Guide and create a safe strategy for your practice.

Mitigate potential risks.

To help make return to activity decisions, use ImPACT and ImPACT Pediatric: reliable, research-backed, and billable* tools to aid in the assessment and management of concussion.

*Reimbursement is available for post-injury testing in U.S. as part of your concussion evaluation.


Get the concussion
education you need

Join other thought leaders as a member of a multi-disciplinary concussion management team.

Still not sure where you fit in?

Hannah ImPACT Applications

Everyone plays an important part in concussion care. Email your advisor Hannah to understand your role and how you can help.

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