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Are you using tools to meet the standard of care
and help reduce legal liability?

LIABILITY IN CONCUSSION CARE: Learn how you may be able to protect yourself and your organization from concussion lawsuits.

Enjoy peace of mind with ImPACT Applications’ concussion care tools.

They comply with international regulatory approvals and security
protocols so you’re better protected against lawsuits.

Get the right tools to document your practice’s clinical flow.

ImPACT Applications’ tools not only help you make confident decisions, but also help defend those decisions with patients, insurance companies, and lawyers.

Impact Applications Suite Concussion Management

Get the concussion
education you need

Join other thought leaders as a member of a multi-disciplinary concussion management team.

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Hannah ImPACT Applications

Everyone plays an important part in concussion care. Email your advisor Hannah to understand your role and how you can help.

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