Get involved with
your concussion care

Concussions are not limited to athletics - many
traumatic brain injuries occur due to falls or
vehicle accidents.

Want to be in charge of your concussion care? Take the FDA cleared ImPACT Baseline Test at home.

It's hard to tell when a concussion happens without a more comprehensive evaluation.

Being educated on concussion care can help you (or your loved one) be empowered about a concussion recovery process.

CONCUSSION 101 GUIDE: Concussion Symptoms, Signs, Treatment, and Rehab

What should parents and guardians know about Pediatric Concussion?

Learn the key points of pediatric concussion care and how you can help as a parent or guardian with this comprehensive guide.

Teach your child about concussions in an engaging way.
This Dr. Seuss inspired eBook takes your child on an animal adventure while explaining the importance of telling an adult if they hit their head.

Keep your concussion
test reports safe and

Use free ImPACT Passport app to give healthcare professionals access to test results, report concussion symptoms, and find a trained healthcare provider near you.

Still not sure where you fit in?

Hannah ImPACT Applications

Everyone plays an important part in concussion care. Email your advisor Hannah to understand your role and how you can help.

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