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Safety for patients, peace of mind for administration

New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR) was born out of legislation created after multiple concussion lawsuits were brought against schools in the United States.



NYSIR is the premier insurance and risk management provider for K-12 public schools in New York state.

Headquarters: Unionade, NY
Industry: Nonprofit Reciprocal Insurance

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Brett Carruthers
Director of Risk Management at NYSIR

As New York state passed its Concussion Laws in 2012, NYSIR proactively sought out the best concussion protocols to help their subscribing school districts.

The schools needed tools and resources to protect their student-athletes participating in various contact sports.

Finding the best concussion care tools and resources

NYSIR reviewed all the different tools available to find the product that could best complement their subscribers’ concussion management programs. Their criteria for finding the “right” concussion care tool included the following:

• Data protection and security
• HIPAA compliance
• Scientific evidence supporting the product
• Ease of use and administration

New York’s concussion management law didn’t require neurocognitive testing, but it was mentioned as best practice. The school districts in NYSIR’s network viewed it as an important step to take compliance one step further. The testing provides the clinicians with additional information to help them make more informed decisions.

After extensive research, the only organization to meet all NYSIR’s requirements and their high expectations was ImPACT Applications.

“The fact that ImPACT Applications’ tools have received FDA clearance makes them the gold standard in neurocognitive testing. To NYSIR, it verified what we already knew: their products are solid with a large scientific backing. As an insurance agency, this was hugely important.”

Confidence in return to learn and return to play

The integration of ImPACT was nearly seamless. Clinicians use the test to help determine academic adjustments, specific treatment plans, and when their students are ready to return to activity.

As a result of using ImPACT Applications’ tools, NYSIR’s partner schools have improved their concussion care processes and feel confident that they’re making the right decisions to get their students back to the classroom and the playing field.

Staying ahead of the curve

As they look to the future, NYSIR expects ImPACT Applications to remain the leader in the concussion management space. The scientifically valid tools are a key piece in NYSIR’s Head Injury Prevention Program.

“ImPACT Applications has brought stability to neurocognitive concussion testing. They’re the standard by which all competitors are judged. We will continue working with them to ensure we’re at the forefront of concussion science."

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