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Defining the meaning of continuity of care in Texas

Lubbock Sports Medicine recognized a need for sports related concussion care in West Texas and the South Plains.

Lubbock Sports Medicine

Lubbock Sports Medicine

With years of expertise and Credentialed ImPACT Consultants on staff, Lubbock Sports Medicine is the leading source for treatment of sports-related head injuries in the South Plains.

Headquarters: Lubbock, TX
Industry: Sports Medicine & Sports Rehab

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Stan Kotara Lubbock Sports Medicine

Stan Kotara, PA-C
Physician Assistant at Lubbock Sports Medicine

Before Lubbock Sports Medicine implemented ImPACT as the new standard of care for head injuries, there wasn’t continuity of care between schools, athletic trainers, and clinical staff. Everybody tended to do something different and that made concussion management difficult.

Clear guidelines and priorities to find the perfect concussion care solution

Being the main sports medicine provider in the South Plains, Lubbock Sports Medicine implemented policies and procedures to properly diagnose, treat and safely allow athletes to return to the field or court.

When selecting the right tools for their organization, Lubbock chose ImPACT Applications because of the extensive research backing, FDA clearance, and cost effectiveness.

“The fact that ImPACT Applications' tools are FDA cleared says a lot. They have been studied extensively and proven effective. They are one of the best and most affordable options out there. Why wouldn’t you want to use them in your practice? We’ve developed new treatment protocols that integrate ImPACT Applications’ tools, vestibular ocular testing, balance testing, and a clinical interview all in one comprehensive exam.”

Realizing ImPACT was the standard of care in concussion management, it was an easy fit for Lubbock Sports Medicine to implement into their advancing practice.

Successful outreach and an improved workflow

Lubbock Sports Medicine’s healthcare providers have received the training to talk through concussions with people who have never been told what they’re experiencing. They show patients the ImPACT and VOMS data and explain to them what’s going on in their brain. They make sure their patients are fully educated on concussions and what they can expect during their recovery. By utilizing the latest tools available, patients can ask any questions they may have and leave the clinic with a better picture of their head injury.

Becoming a Premier Provider of concussion care

Lubbock Sports Medicine has become a hub for concussion care. Schools that provide baseline tests for their students automatically send their kids to the sports medicine center for care and return to play clearance.

“We got it out to our community first. Now, schools and organizations seek us out to provide concussion care. ImPACT is one of our best outreach tools.”

The community knows that Lubbock is the best solution for concussion care. Lubbock Sports Medicine has built trust and respect in the community, and they’re continuing to grow.

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