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Cutting edge concussion care

With industry-leading concussion care tools and an extensive network of experts, Louisiana Athletic Care is South Louisiana's premiere concussion management resource.

Concussion Solution Success Story

Louisiana Athletic Care, LLC

Louisiana Athletic Care conducts safe return to physical and cognitive activity by coordinating communication between coaches, parents, students, school administration, and local healthcare providers.

Headquarters: New Iberia, LA
Industry: Medical Research Center

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Tommy Dean
Louisiana Athletic Care

Before there was state legislation for concussion management, the athletic community tended to ignore hints that an athlete had a concussion.

They disregarded subjective information, and tried to make concussions out to be no big deal. Louisiana Athletic Care recognized the need to start pushing the narrative toward best practices.

Proactive risk management

After the new state legislation, the team at Louisiana Athletic Care immediately started working with the local high school students and administration. They discussed concussion protocols, what the changing concussion laws meant for the schools, and how they could help. They started with 35 high schools and worked up from there. That's when Louisiana Athletic Care discovered the need to have streamlined and robust protocols for all their partner schools.

Reducing liability and growing revenue through tools and training

They got all the staff up to speed through ImPACT Applications training programs. Then they integrated objective tools (ImPACT, ImPACT Quick Test, and ImPACT Pediatric) into their workflow. Louisiana Athletic Care went back to the fundamentals of concussion management and it’s made a lasting difference for their patients.

"ImPACT Applications helps simplify things. They do a fantastic job not only with providing neurocognitive testing, but also with developing training, educational resources for clinicians, athletes, and parents. ImPACT is an excellent tool to show the patient their status.”

Their careful choice of staff and tools has allowed them to create sustainable growth. Louisiana Athletic Care consistently sees about 5,000 patients every year. They’re guiding patients along an appropriate path of treatment and management of concussion.

"From a risk management standpoint, our physicians use ImPACT Applications' tools as a liability shield. It’s definitely what our schools and hospital systems need. Our clinics also love the fact that they can be reimbursed for neurocognitive testing."

Thanks to ImPACT Applications' testing database, Louisiana Athletic Care has expanded their record-keeping and streamlined continuity of care for their providers.

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