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A multidisciplinary, multifunction concussion clinic

Banner Health’s mission has been to provide comprehensive concussion care to patients and athletes of all levels.


Banner Health

Concussion experts utilizing best practices is what makes Banner Health a leader in comprehensive concussion care and community outreach throughout the western United States.

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
Industry: Comprehensive concussion care

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Bryce Nalepa Banner Health Success Story Impact

Bryce Nalepa, ATC
Athletic Training Coordinator at Banner Health

Comprehensive concussion care at a single location

The entire concussion care team is together in one place. Before, patients had to travel to several locations to get the concussion care they needed. Banner Health is unique to be able to offer comprehensive care under one roof. They provide baseline testing, concussion assessment, and rehabilitation. The team consists of providers from: primary care sports medicine, neurology, vestibular therapy, neuro optometry, neuropsychology, occupational therapy and athletic training.


The right team, tools, and protocols to provide best-in-class concussion care

“The people are the biggest piece of the puzzle, and we found the right professionals to make a well-rounded concussion program. It took a little while to find the personalities to fit together as a team. We researched concussion assessment tools and found the ones with the most research and science behind them. ImPACT has been one of the tools that provides objective assessment of cognitive function and we believe this is the gold standard for computerized neurocognitive testing.”

Modern concussion care demands up-to-date training

Training the Banner Health team on ImPACT and ImPACT Pediatric as an essential part of multidisciplinary care was critical. Their Credentialed ImPACT Consultants and ImPACT Trained Athletic Trainers all share the same core proficiency, and they are speaking the same language. They are familiar with ImPACT and ImPACT Pediatric clinical reports and can look beyond the basics to help them form treatment and rehabilitation decisions.

The cornerstones: Objective data and good communication

The tools used by Banner Health provide objective data that helps their concussion care providers make more informed decisions. They use multiple tools for their diagnosis, management, and return to activity decisions. Being able to show patients objective data that helps them understand their concussion is invaluable. It's not just a conversation about the patient's symptoms anymore; Banner’s concussion care providers have real data that helps make decisions. They’re more easily able to communicate those decisions to the patient.

Outreach that impacts the community

Banner Health uses ImPACT Baseline Testing as a community outreach tool. While the athletes are taking ImPACT, their trained test administrators have an audience of parents. They explain to parents what concussions are and who they should be seeking for post-concussion care. Banner has built trust in the community. As a result, parents know where to go when they're worried about a potential concussion.

Evolving concussion care to stay ahead of the curve

“We continue educating people on what concussion signs and symptoms are, and how we can help with each individual head injury. Appropriate multidisciplinary concussion management is the key to long-term well-being in these patients and our team is facilitating that every day.

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