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A new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that in 2017, an estimated 15% of high school students experienced 1 or more concussions, and 6% experienced 2 or more.

Utica National has partnered with ImPACT Applications, Inc., the premier concussion management company, to offer the only FDA cleared cognitive baseline and post-injury concussion testing* to all of our school policyholders. The testing is a critical component to a comprehensive concussion management protocol and is key to preventing a student-athlete who has a concussion from returning to play too quickly.

*The testing will be available for student-athletes in grades 7-12 participating in modified, junior varsity, and varsity teams for alpine skiing; baseball; cheerleading; field hockey; football; gymnastics; softball; wrestling; men’s and women’s basketball, diving, hockey, lacrosse, pole vault/high jump, soccer and volleyball. 

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According to the CDC report, concussions among high school students may be undercounted and that more needs to be done to educate students, parents, coaches, and school personnel to recognize and report the injury.


Safer student-athletes

Having a baseline test on an athlete enables health care professionals to better manage the athlete back to health after a concussion. Sports and recreation-related concussions are a leading cause of TBI-related emergency department (ED) visits among children and teens.

Free services

Schools that were hindered by the expense can now take advantage of these services as part of its concussion management program.

Less claims

Testing can decrease the potential for concussion-related claims saving the school money.

Concussion is not just a football injury

Recent injury data suggests that concussions can and do occur in all sports. Girls' soccer sees the second-most concussions of all high school sports. Girls’ basketball sees the third most.

Decrease Liability

A comprehensive testing program can reduce a school’s liability as objective data on an athlete before and after an injury can aid in defending against a claim.

Better risk management

Protect against future claims by ensuring that you have objective data on all athletes that participate in your sports programs.


Learn the basics of administering ImPACT baseline tests, testing in a group setting, and navigating through the Customer Center.

Now your test takers can take their ImPACT Baseline Test at home thanks to a one-time use code you can generate through your Customer Center.

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