ImPACT Version 4

Administration and Interpretation Manual

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Interest in evaluating individuals to determine their neurocognitive status has evolved significantly throughout the years. With this interest comes an increasing demand for a computerized neurocognitive battery that is practical, cost effective, and efficient for healthcare professionals to use with large numbers of athletes and individuals. ImPACT Version 4 is designed to meet these demands while maintaining high standards for reliability, validity, sensitivity, and specificity. This manual is designed to describe, educate, and fully support the use of ImPACT Version 4 in clinical and research settings.

This manual has been formatted to accomplish several goals. First and foremost, this manual is structured to provide necessary background information regarding the role of neurocognitive assessment in the evaluation of an individual. The information presented in the following chapters assumes a basic level of knowledge regarding the medical treatment of concussion related injuries. In addition to presenting background information regarding concussion, this manual also presents general information that is designed to help the user get the most out of this tool. As emphasized throughout the manual, ImPACT Version 4 is a sophisticated tool developed from years of research. ImPACT Version 4 is not structured to provide diagnostic information and the diagnosis of concussion should always be made by a health care professional who has the requisite training and is authorized to manage concussion in his/her State, Province or country.

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