ImPACT Version 4

Administration and Interpretation Manual

[Download PDF Version of the Manual]


The evidence presented in this chapter provides substantial support for the reliability and validity of ImPACT Version 4. The results obtained from this tool have been found to be stable over time and to be consistent with what one would expect from a test of memory and reaction time. Additional research is being conducted to augment these findings and support the conclusions that have been drawn.

Increased variability in the elderly population in measures of reaction time, memory and fluid intelligence has been consistently found in early research (Hale, Myerson, Smith, and Poon 1988; Morse 1993). ImPACT Version 4 likewise shows increased variability in the Verbal Memory and Reaction Time composites. As a result, increased caution should be exercised when interpreting scores for these composites in this age group as poor performance may be attributed to a number of factors not related to TBI such as other health conditions (i.e., age related cognitive decline, Parkinson’s, etc.) or medications taken by the individual. As always, results from ImPACT testing should be viewed in combination with other medical and behavioral information before making a diagnosis or determining a course of treatment.

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